Big hair is back!

Sorry for the week without entries, but we had a four day holiday weekend and were gone from Wed thru Mon. We left on Wednesday and returned on Monday to try and keep out of the holiday transito (traffic) since anyone and everyone who can heads to the coast and beaches on the long weekends. We tried to stay in Juquei, but the whole town was booked so we had to head a little further north and stayed in Maresias again. We did however drive back to Juquei for the day (it’s only about a 25 minute drive between the two beach towns) and hung out at a beach place that Patricia had told us about: Badaue. It was a little rainy, so we sat in wooden beach chairs under our own little canopy and just enjoyed being seaside, and played frisbee, which drew strange looks from the Brasilians, apparently they only play frescobol on the beach here.

Brasil Factoid Alert!: Frescobol is just two wooden paddles (a bit bigger than ping pong) and a rubber ball, you hit it back an forth on the beach.

Anyway, this is me underneath the fruit/flowering part of some type of palm tree in Maresias.

Maresias, Brasil 2007


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