Bonito, Brasil

Bonito is a ecotourism adventure land, located in the wild interior of Brasil. The area boasts an extensive underground network of caves and caverns conneted by subterreanean river systems which feed crystal clear waters into the above ground rivers full of colorful fish. The area is a haven for jungle wildlife, home to such rare and endangered species as the elusive Hyacinth macaw (largest macaw in the world) and we saw toucans and wild scarlett macaws flying overhead almost every day, and even encountered a Giant Anteater crossing our track one late night.

The first adventure we embarked upon was a rappel descent into the Abismo Anhumas (lit: Abyss of Anhumas.) In this photo, you can see a pair making the 230 foot (72 meter) rappel into the cave below. It was pretty freaky going down, dangling in our harnesses on one thin rope each, carefully slipping past bats and with nothing but a 25 story drop into the lake below.

Bontio Brasil, 2008


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