Brazilian Beach therapy for broken limbs.(Highly recommended!)

Brazilian Beach therapy for broken limbs.(Highly recommended!)

Ok, so by the picture you tell that something is broke, but certainly not my surrounding locale! In short, I had a small fracture on the posterior end of the tibia that articulates with the ankle joint, when I slipped and fell at the beach a few weeks back, in an ankle twisting accident. The energetic little Japanese Dr. Paulo here told me (all in Portuguese, of course) that I have unstable ankles, even the good one makes bone clicking noises when I rotate it. So I got my first glimpse of Brasilian health care along with some x-rays and a MRI. I am happy to report that I have gotten excellent care (even if it was all in Portuguese!), and without any of long waits that I had gotten used at my primary care physician’s back in the states, or for the x-ray machine (invariably made to feel longer when you’re half naked in those butt flasher robes they give you at the hospital).

So anyway, my foot is healing nicely, thanks in part to a long weekend lounging beachside, poolside (carefully!) and a full body massage oceanside in the lovely little beach town of Juquehy (joo-kay-eee), which is only a couple of hours from Sao Paulo, so you can see it yourself if you come to visit us!

Juguehy, Brasil 2007


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