Here’s a flower for you…

I love these flowers, they’re like little pom-poms. Gary is back in the states as of tonight, and I just suddenly realized that I am on my own in Brasil. Well, not completely, Max is still here. But then again, he’s not good for much besides meowing continuosly for treats or jumping up on the keyboard of the laptop when he thinks I’m giving more love to the computer. Our faxineira (maid) looked at me quizically for the first few weeks when Max would follow me around merowing incessantly until I explained, “Ele queria dolces para gato” which directly translates as “He wants sweets for cats”. I don’t know the portuguese word for “treat” so I made something up that would get the point across… the story of my new language life. I get frustrated in my portuguese lessons because I do this kind of thing all the time, I don’t know a word, so I use what I have to get the point across (lessons are conducted in as little english as possible) and then I get corrected for using the wrong word(s). For example, I had a heck of a time trying to explain maple syrup! They don’t have anything like it here, my teacher had never even heard of such a thing as “mel de avores” or “honey of the trees” as I chose to describe it. Brasilians here that have been exposed to maple syrup go crazy over it, since someone has to haul it here from the states it is a very precious commodity. You know someone likes you if they let you use their maple syrup!

Sao Paulo, Brasil 2007


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