I kinda have an excuse…

Ok, so the fact that Iam using a”file photo”captured during our first trip will lend towards explaining the lack of entries…I have been waiting to put some new pictures up. I had been taking a bunch with my Razr camera phone, and now I can’t figure out how to get the pictures out of the phone and into the computer! Pictures of my new car…trapped in phone. Pictures of Buzios (a beach pennisula north of Rio) trappped in phone. A purple tree in bloom… you guessed it, trapped in phone.

So speaking of the purple tree in bloom, supposedly primivera (spring) has arrived in Brasil, and there are a lot of things in flower, but the weather has not exactly been typical of the season, I readin a newspaper a week or so ago that the winter and spring here have been abnormal due to El Niño. It has been a cycle of a couple days of nice warm weather and sun, and then gloomy overcast for a week with cold (kinda like the photo). But the plants don’t seem to mind, we have been seeing all kinds of weird tropical flowers and such that I know I should have been taking pictures of. (Andrea – I will try harder just for you – I keep hearing your voice in my head, I just need to remember the damn camera!)

And now I will tantalize you with the promise of new pics to come, I just need to remember to retrieve the camera out of the car!! We went to two different beach towns north up the coast this weekend with some friends that are looking for a beach house to rent over Natal (Christmas). First we went to Ubatuba, which was nice, but maybe lacking in stuff to do. Next we tried Ilhabela and fell in love with it. It was cloudy & rainy but we had fun anyway.

Brasil Factoid Alert!: Ilhabela means “beautiful island”. The earliest signs of human occupation of the island date back 2500 years to idigenous Brasilians. It was also used by pirates and corsairs in colonial times, and now is home to about 30,000 people.

São Paulo, Brasil 2006


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