My new car!

Victory is mine!!! I have finally prevailed over my computer and phone refusing to speak to each other, and have managend to retrive some photos out of the Razr. It put up a good fight, but could not overcome a my complete uninstall/go back to square one tactics. So the car is an Astra, it’s a manual transmission and has a hatchback, which makes it nice for hauling groceries, etc. The other added bonus of the hatch is that there is only a few more inches of car past where the glass ends, so it makes it easier to parallel park since I can see everything. Parallel parking was the other reason I wanted a little car, I am so out of practice, plus parking here is a bit more adventurous than in the States anyway (you can see the yellow box I have to fit it into in our garage).

The car is not blindado (armored) because the areas I drive through are generally safer and during the day, and making a car blindado is a very traumatic thing for the car, they basically tear it apart and put it back together again but with bullet proof glass and steel panels, so the car is never really quite the same again. They weigh more, use more gas, and generally get suspension problems eventually due to the added weight.They also tend to bottom out on the lombadas (speed bumps) which are prevalent andsometimes attack you (they are sneaky). So we decided on a compromise, one blindado for Gary and the sportier car for me to tool around in our local areas.

Now before you ask (my dad had some exclaimitory remarks on this) “Why does Gary get the armored car?”. The answer is that in order to get to work every day, Gary has to drive through the largest and most dangerous favela (slums, I can explain better with a pic) in the city, where you don’t stop, not even for a red light. Andhis return trip home is almost always at night, he hasn’t been able to get out of work before 7:00 pm. I guess I could have ordered the armored car as well, but after we had been here a while and I had a feel for the kinds of places I normally travel, I didn’t think that it was worth it.

It’s totally fun to drive a stick again, I had missed it.

Sao Paulo, Brasil 2007


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