“Nobody owns the beach man …” Super Troopers (Gary guest blog)

Nobody owns the beach man … Super Troopers

Everyone asks about the beaches and we haven’t blogged about that yet…and I’ve been too busy at work to even read these. The picture is from Maresias, our first trip to the ocean here. Its a little surfer town about 2-3 hours drive from here. Although we had some clouds this weekend you can see that the sand is like sugar and behind us were awsome mountains. We went on a long holiday weekend with no reservations. We had our pick of pousadas (nicer than motel but smaller than a hotel) on the beach since it was off season…still winter here.

Motels here are where you drive your car into a walled area, they pull curtains around your car, and you can do whatever you want for whatever period of time you payed for. Since everyone here lives with their parents until they get married, and perhaps beyond, I think they get mostly young couples as clients. The names of the motels are like: Love Motel. We haven’t tried that yet but its on the list.

My guy friends ask for pictures of the women on the beach but not sure if I can publish those and actually we haven’t taken any. Although the beaches are not topless, the suits they wear don’t leave much to the imagination. Bad news is the guys were tiny speedos (sunga) also. As we were told the women are beautiful and I don’t think we’ve seen more that 2-3 fat people since we’ve been here. Guys are guys all over the world.

Brasil beach factoil: Brasil has more coastline beaches than California and Florida combined.

The waves were hugh with many experienced surfers so we decided to bodysurf instead. The beaches were covered with red warning signs about the dangerous rip tides, bigdeal, and so there were no swimmers at these beaches, only surfers. We went out on our newly purchased boards and battled the waves for a while and started to head in. We hadn’t counted on the power of the rip tides and it took about 30 minutes of hard kicking to do so and we kept passing each other as the tides kept pushing us out. I got to shore first and a couple of guys in wetsuits looked like they were ready to dive in to save us. Christy came in shortly after and we shuffled back to our beachchairs…loco Americanas is all we heard. Yes we are.

Beach service at the Pousada was awsome. There is a small flag next to your chair and when you want something you stick it in the ground and a “little man”, as we call all the service people in Brasil, come running out to take your order and bring it out to you. Also, there are vendors on the beach you can wave down. Our favorite is the cheese guy. They have a cooler of cheese on sticks on their head and a small pan with some hot coals in it. For $1 he’ll cook a stick of cheese over the coals after shaking it in a bag of spices. It taste kinda like flaming cheese in Greektown and its sooooo good.

Needless to say, we go to the beach on weekends a lot. What a life.

Juquehy, Brasil 2006


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