I should probably explain pousadas since everytime we go somewhere we stay in one. This photo is from a little pousada we stayed at while we were in Maresias. I liked this one a lot, it was like a little complex set in the jungle, there were little paths from the pool to the resturaunt and to the rooms through all these cool jungly plants. Really pretty. Actually al lot of the flower pictures on my page right now were taken there. The room we had this time had a small porch area in back with one of those woven rope chairs, super for relaxing.

Sometimes rooms aresmall, but always clean and tidy, wehaven’t stayed in a bad one yet, but we’ve beenfocusing on the ones that have servicio de praia (beach service) so you wouldexpect those tobepretty nice. Generally the roomcomes with toma cafe (breakfast) and sometimes even dinner at the resturaunt, that’s the other thing,pousadas generally have their own resturaunt, so if you just want to lay by the pool and not go anywhere, you don’t have to. Breakfast is usually lots of baked goods like breads, pastries, and cakes (chocolate cake for breakfast, yeah!) lots of fresh fruit, and always seems to include deli cut ham and cheese. At this particular pousada we paid 495.00 reias for two nights on a busy holiday weekend (higher rates) which is a bit less than $250.00 US. For two nights bed, breakfast, pool, servicio de praia, on the beach, that’s not too bad!

Maresias, Brasil 2007


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