The best Empanada in the world!

On our return to Santiago from the geothermal spring, we were thirsty and hungry, but since we were one and a half hours driving from the last scattered settlement up in the mountains, we thought that we were in trouble. But! to the rescue was a small structure that was half shack half tent that was apparently serving empanadas and cold beer. The reason we noticed it in the first place was 50% colorful flags waving gaily in the breeze, and 50% a horse with an erection tied to a stake out in front of the place apparently having an eye kept on him. (I’m not being crude here, it’s just that these kinds of things have a way of grabbing your attention!!)

Anyway, we ventured in and a kindly lady offered us drinks and empanadas as the locals eyed us curoiusly, and we accepted. How the beer was being kept cold was a mystery (no electricity) but the empanadas were being baked in a genuine mud oven, as pictured here. You can see the empanada baking in the oven in this shot. It was a kind of pastry dough wrapped around seasoned ground beef and onions, and served with a little dish of crazy good chile sauce. My decision to not embarrass myself with my terrible spanish by not asking her for a bottle was a decision I regretted for the rest of the trip. This mud oven baked empanada was some of the best food we had on the trip!

Banos de Colina, Chile 2007


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