The next adventure begins…

So, after a whirlwind two weeks in Chile, Gary and I returned to Sao Paulo long enough to do some laundry, pack up and hit the road again, this time in my new car (Chevy Tracker) to hike 1400 kilometers west into the interior of Brasil and neighboring state of Mato Grosso do Sul (lit trans: ‘thick forest of the south’). We actually drove far enough west to be about a hour away from the border of Brasil and Bolivia, to a small town called Bonito. The landscape was a never ending vista of gently rolling hills covered in sugar cane and finally pasture lands. Brasil is a country completely independent of foriegn fuel sources, using alcohol produced from the sugar cane as alternative fuel, so it shouldn’t have been surprising how much sugar cane we saw, but it was still amazing to pass nothing but that for hours and hours (@ 150 clicks an hour!), stretching from horizion to horizion.

This photo shows some typical brasilian cows and a crested hawk in the foreground.

Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil 2008


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