The question finally answered…

I know that I’ve always wondered, how many people can you really fit into a brasilian hammock?(before it breaks!) Based on this photo, you can get at least one adult, one teenager, and threechildren aged 2 – 7. I wish I knew how to rotate the picture to make it easier to view, but if you tip your head/computer sideways, you just might be able to make out Gary’s head and a wriggling mass of arms and legs belonging to Patricia’s three kids, Luiza, Maria, and Antonio, as well as Nikki, Jeanne and Steves daughter. Patrica & her husband Luis are our Brasiliedo friends and mentors in the methodology of churrasco (chur/ahz/ko) which is Brasilian BBQ. For those of you who make the journey down here, it might be worth the $1000.00 plane ticket for churrasco alone. Luis says that Gary is as good at it ashe isnow (“Grasshopper, when you can catch churrasco with chopstick, then it will be time for you to leave”).

Brasil factoid alert!: When taking long boat trips in the amazon, instead of seats they have hammocks for the passsengers which allows you to take a nap, as well as conserving deck space on the small boats by hanging passsengers above it.

Buzios, Brasil 2007


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