The smallest, fastest, cheapest, wedding I’ve ever been to.

The other day I realized that we had passed the six month mark, not that it is such a big deal, especially considering the last eight years we have been together. But I figured that maybe someone out there might want to see a photo of the most important non-event ever. There are some folks out there on that have “marry my best friend” as a life goal, and it made me realize what a special thing it is that Gary and I have managed to do. At least once a day Gary does some silly little thing or some subtle huge thingthat makes me appreciate having him in my life, and remember how and why we ended up together in the first place.

And it was certainly a road to marriage less traveled upon! Everyone who knows us knows this, not the least of which being our penultimate copatriots in crime: Leonard and Hester, who get the dubious honor of being at least as crazy as us, since they were the ones who did us the honor of being our witnesses. Thanks for making a memorable day even more memorable, we heart you guys. And congratulations on your own decision to make the adventure together!

Well this is seriously on it’s way towards sappiness, so before the kleenex comes out I’ll end with some quotes:

“Marriage is like a pair of shears. Oft times working in opposite directions, but punishing anyone that comes between them.”- Sydney Smith

“I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.”- Rita Rudner

Saline, MI March 10, 2006


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