“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” – Groucho Marx

Gary in front of banna vendor at the feria or street market near our house in Sao Paulo.

Yes, we have no bananas…

Yes, I know. Bananas are an odd choice of topic for my very first blog entry ever. Maybe it’s the overriding theme of the blog (possible). A harbinger of what is to come (likely). Forshadowing of what kind of content you can expect (banana based blog?). A statement on my state of mind (stop laughing). Or maybe it was just the first picture I came across in our sad excuse for a filing system for digital photos (of course).

*Factoid Alert* Bananas are the largest plants in the world without a woody stem. They are actually an oversized herb from the same family as orchids and palms.

The photo was taken some time ago while we were at the feria (fay-duh) that happens everySat. where we live. I read somewhere that Brasil is the world’s largest producer of bananas. Believe it. You can get them anywhere, the market, the store, off the back of a truck, out of some guy’s van, on the street, and also on the side of the road at the apex of a suicidally dangerous curve as you are barreling down the side of a mountian to the constant squeal of tires and screeching brakes (Gary :o)). The guy must figure that due tohis careful selection of retail space, someone is bound to crash into his stand eventually, be forced to buy the whole thing and send him off to Banana Man early retirement.

*Brasil Alert!* The ubiquitous banana (ok, ok, so I just wanted to use the word “ubiquitous”) is as unlimited in type as it is in availability for purchase. The most common here are:

Ouro (‘gold’: very yellow & tiny)

Prata (‘silver’: bright yellow & fat)

Maçã (‘apple’:recommended for kids)

da terra (‘of the earth’: big & dark to eat fried)

Nanica (‘Nancy’: the big guy you are probably familiar with)

There you go. I should probably mention at this point the the reason I am blogging is because I really wanted a web page to share our Brasilian adventures with all our friends and family in other hemispheres, planetary systems, parallel universes, etc, but without having to learn how to mantain a webpage. So welcome to my blog.

I will also mention that I have turned the counter function on. If I don’t see some big numbers up there, I will cry. The government, that creepy guy across the street and I are all watching you. Welcome to the digital age where lovecan be measured in web site hits.

Gary and I send our shout out stateside, beijos and embra ços to all!

Tchau for now!

“My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana. I said “No, but I want a regular banana later, so….yeah.” – Mitch Hedburg


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