We all live in a big yellow church.

Ok. I think I have figured out how to rotate images, finally. This is a picture of, well, a big yellow church in the small centro area of Ilhabela (the island). In the foreground you can see a huge crucifix that was done by a local artist, there are some other metal sculptures by him in a park elsewhere on the island.

Brasil Factoid Alert!: The four day weekend holiday we just had was in celebration of Brasil’s patron saint, Nossa Senhora Aparecida or Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida [Our Lady of the Apparition] which is one of many versions or representations of Mary. The origin of the status of Nossa Senhora Aparecida is tied up with the country‘s colonial history. In 1717, a 40cm statuette of a black Virgin Mary was fished out of the river Paraíba do Sul near Guaratinguetá (in the state of São Paulo) by three fishermen. A chapel was built for it in 1743, and a large church later. In 1868 Princess Isabel (daughter of Emperor D. Pedro II) gave it a golden crown, which was officially placed on the statuette‘s head in a huge ceremony in 1904. Popularity and pilgrimages grew. Nossa Senhora Aparecida was pronounced the Patron of Brazil in 1929, as sanctioned by Pope Pius XI.

Ilhabela, Brasil 2007


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