Aposto (Bet)

Aposto (Bet)

So we’re driving back to Sao Paulo after a weekend in the neighboring state of Minas Gerais, and you know how the conversation can wander all over the place on road trips, and somehow we came upon the topic of the Brasilian flag and the number of stars on it. I thought 27, and Gary 26, and, as whenever we disagree about something, a bet was made. And to settle the small matter of 50 reais, I found some interesting facts about the Brasilian flag. All info was lifted from Wikipedia.

The stars are arranged in the position that they appeared in the night sky over Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 1889; the first day of the adoption of this flag design.

Each star represents a specific state, unlike the stars in the US flag.

The star Sigma Octantis representing the Federal district was chosen because it is near the south celestial pole making it visible across almost the whole country all year round. Also, due to the polar position, all the other stars appear to rotate around it.

The only star above the banner “Ordem e Progresso” is the star representing the state of Para, which the equator runs through.

The largest flag regularly hoisted in the world is the Brazilian national flag flown in the Square of the Three Powers in Brasilia, Brazilian capital. This flag weights about 600 kilograms (1300 pounds) and has 7,000 square meters (70×100 m = 230×330 feet)

This flag is sometimes called Auriverde which means “(of) gold and green”.

So anyway, I became 50 reias richer because there are 27 stars, one for each of the 26 states and one more for the Federal district of Brasilia.


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