Brasilian Moonshine…Cachaça!!

Brasilian Moonshine…Cachaça!!

This adventure within an adventure took place on a recent offroading trip to Minas Gerais
(state bordering Sao Paulo state to the north), we had heard some rumors of a local place nearby (by which I mean 40 minutes of 4 wheeling in slippery clay mud on mountain tracks) where we could try cachaça. I’m not sure what exactly we were expecting, but I am pretty sure that this wasn’t it. Not to say that we weren’t warmly received by our host but somehow being led into the far reaches of the mountainous countryside by a military police officer, who couldn’t travel the whole way due to the poor quality of the road, to find an amiable guy living quietly off his lands who also happens to make cachaça, hopefully not in his bathtub. I guess I was thinking some kind of store or home vendor, but our friend (pictured here in the light blue shirt) brought out an indiscriminate plastic pitcher half full of a clear liquid, presumably cachaça, which we sampled neat in little cups. Wow, it packed a wallop! but we had come all this way, and dropped in unannounced on this genial gentleman, so we offered to buy some, but after all was said and done we ended up having to accept a reused two liter pop bottle full of cachaça without payment, I guess he was happy enough to have had visitors and wouldn’t take any money. We just had to chalk it up to yet another example of the open hearted welcoming of the Brasilian people.

Near Ipuiuna, Minas Gerais 2008


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