E deixa o sol bronzear (Give us sun to be tan)

E deixa o sol bronzear (Give us sun to be tan)

It is so hard to take a picture that truly conveys the fantastic artistry that is put into the floats. This one demostrates how each school has a story or theme and how each float moves the theme along. The float is demonstrating things that are very typical of being a carioca (someone from Rio de Janeiro), like being tan, surfing, wearing small bathing suits, going to the beach. There is even one of the ubiquitous vendors of the beach, selling sunglasses. The refrain from this school’s (Salgueiro) samba song says it all:

Eu sou o rei da boemia/ Carioca, sou da Lapa, patrimonio cultural/ E me banhei de alegria, tiro onda, dou meu jeito/ minha vida e um carnaval

Which loosely translates as:

I am a bohemian king/ I’m a carioca, I’m from Lapa, sponsoring culture/ I bathe in happiness, to catch a wave is my way/ my life is a carnaval.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ Carnaval 2008


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