Super sparkly!

Super sparkly!

This is one of the floats from our school Unidos da Tijuca. I should probably mention now that Samba schools are based on a traditional neighborhood that sponsors all of their efforts to win first place out of the 12 class A schools. If you place last of the 12 (like Sao Clemente did this year) you get dropped down to the class B and have to fight your way out of that grouping to regain class A standing. Again, all of this is taken very seriously, the day of the announcment of scores every resturaunt and bar with a television in it was packed with people watching the judges scores being read off in monotone, of course not the most exciting thing to watch unless you’re emotionally involved in the results.

This pic was taken in the staging area before the parade, so you can imagine how this float would have shone under the daytime strength glare of the Sambadromo floodlights.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Carnaval 2008


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