Angel Party

Angel Party

As you all may or may not know, I have been volunteering at an orphanage in Sao Paulo, and Gary and I have both been active each Christmas in something called the Angel Party. Basically it provides an opportunity for aproximately 250 orphans from various orphanages to have a Christmas, in one chaotic day of games, shows, prizes, happy meals, pizza, presents, and of course, Papai Noel (Santa!). Each child is sponsored by someone who purchases a list of basic essentials like clothes, shoes, socks, and a toy. And about a hundred or so volunteers to manage the mayhem on the actual party day. Gary and I have had the privledge of doing both, shopping for the kids is fun, but seeing their little faces light up when they open a huge bag of loot is even more rewarding.

This little one is called Thaisa, from the Vila Acalanto orphanage I work at weekly. She is probably one of the few kids in the world who is actually excited to have gotten socks for Christmas!

Chapel Escola – Sao Paulo, SP


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