Beavers is bad news.

Beavers is bad news.

No, Gary isn’t trying to get more fiber in his diet, he’s trying to look beaver-ish in front of a part of the Patagonian forest that has been drowned by beavers damming a stream. This is what beavers do of course, but they don’t belong here in Patagonia. Orignally, 30 beaver couples were introduced here from Canada by the Argentine Army who hoped to jump start a fur industry, but because of Tierra del Fuego’s proximity to the ocean, the climate is moderated just enough that the beavers don’t grow thick luxurious coats like they do in Canada, rendering them useless for fur trade. And since they have no natural predators here, the original 60 have run loose and become a population of thousands, cutting down trees and drowning whole forests without anything to keep them in check. They are so safe here that some have started to abandon building the lodge in the middle of the lake they create (usually to protect it from predators) in favor of being lazy and putting the lodge instead right on the edge of the lake.

Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina


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