Entry for March 06, 2009

Entry for March 06, 2009

Pic: Caracara a common raptor in Patagonia

Journal 14 Dec:

We started out for the National Parque through Lajoa Roca (Lake Roca) and paddled by canoe down the the river Lapataia to arrive at the Beagle channel. Along the way we saw many different species of waterfowl near the water and raptors soaring above. We saw a Red Artic Fox cross a path right in front of us with it’s lunch (some small furry rodenty thing) dangling from it’s mouth. Also we saw several abandoned beaver lodges and dams. In an environment without preadators, the beavers reach up to 35 kg (77 lbs!). We also visited the Correios de Fin del Mundo, the tiny post office at the end of the world. We could have sent postcards from there, but in this world of PDAs and digital everything, we couldn’t remember anyone’s complete address. During the final leg of the canoe trip, we had the company of a Lobito del Mar (wolf of the sea), who we know as a Sea Lion for about half an hour. We got a full show, the sea lion was flipping and jumping completely out of the water within a meter of our boat, diving under the canoe and blowing bubbles at us, as he followed us into shore. Of course we regretted not having brought the camera out of fear of it getting wet in the canoe, they had us all decked out in waterproof gear for the trip.


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