Foz da Iguacu III

Foz da Iguacu III Here you can see one of the many separate falls, one of 160 – 260 depending on the level of the river, that make up the 2,700 meter wide cliff that the river flows over before plunging 70 meters. “Arco Iris” or rainbows in the mist thrown up by the crashing falls were to be seen everywhere the mist didn’t block out the sun. Also in this pic, if you look carefully through the mist, you can see some boats on their way to complete douse the passengers underneath the falls. We went under ourselves, and the pathetic plastic ponchos did almost nothing to keep us from being soaked to the skin once underneath the thundering water. It was a pretty wild ride, the water is chaotic and continuosly churning near the base of the falls.


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