Garganta do Diabo

Garganta do Diabo

This is the falls as seen from the Argentine side of the river. To get to this outlook immediately above the ‘Garganta do Diabo’ (Devil’s Throat) we had to traverse long series of catwalk bridges over the river, running parallel to another older, decrepit set of catwalks and bridges mostly washed away and destroyed by a flood. Made us wonder how much more secure the ones we were walking on were. The entire way we were escorted by a plethura of butterflies in all sizes, shapes and colors, they collected on the handrails to get the salt left behind by sweaty palms.

The Garganta do Diabo is so named for the continuous plume of smoke-like mist created by the force of the cascading water. Diving in and out of the mist were Great Dusky Swifts, who acrobatically plucked insects from their fall due to being weighed down by the spray.


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