O Cafe

O Cafe

This is a fantastic little place in Paraty, which we’ve visited often enough that the staff know us. They make marvelous capirinhas in interesting fruit combinations, a pasta-less lasagne made with palm hearts, and you can get a massage of bamboo rollers and cedary scented ‘miracle oil’.

I am known as “Jaberwocky” there for a one time recitation of Lewis Caroll’s famous poem I gave. Which makes Gary the “Husband of Jaberwocky”. I think it’s fitting to be known by a poem in such a funky bohemian jungle garden sort of place, where you may find a cat under your table or maybe even a monkey above you in a tree. We used to go there to feed bananas to the monkeys, but since they have recently updated the outdated aerial electricity lines to underground ones, the monkeys are deprived of their powerline ‘expressway’ into the city from the jungle, and therefore don’t visit as often anymore.

Paraty, RJ, Brasil


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