Quatro por quatro to Lagoa Escondido

Quatro por quatro to Lagoa Escondido

Journal entry 15 Dec:

Woke up really tired after having been up late at the casino in centro Ushuaia (won 1200 Arg. pesos). We went by 4×4 to Lagoa Escondido (Hidden Lake) on a very rough trail, having to remove a large tree from the path, attempt a serious hill 3 times before getting over it, rocks and dirt clods flying the whole way. At one point we had 45 degrees of pitch registering on the Pitch-O-Metter attached to the dash for the purpose of not tipping over (the meter only went up to 50 degrees, after that, you’re upside down). The trail ended at Lake Fagnano, we had to drive through the water at it’s margins before picking a trail up again half a click away. We hiked to a refuge on the lake shore and had lunch of BBQ’d chorizo, sausages, and beef, fresh off the grill, all washed down with a little local Argentine red wine (vineyard: ‘Postcards from the end of the world’, not too bad!)

A shout out is due to the guys at Canal Fun (www.canalfun.com) who say:

“Lo peor que puede pasarte en Ushuaia…es que no te pasa Nada”

Roughly translated: The worst thing that can happen to you in Ushuaia…is that nothing happens.


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