Ushuaia I

Ushuaia I

Okay. Now you all have to prepare yourselves to be blogged silly. I actually took the time to keep a journal of our extraordinary trip through Patagonia, and therefore have a lot to share.

Dec 12 Journal: “We arrived after going through 4 airports: Sao Paulo – Buenos Aires – El Calafate – Ushuaia, getting there in the afternoon. After getting to the hotel we explored the downtown area. Ushuaia is situated on the hillsides of the sharp and snow covered Andes that march down to the sea. The plane had to circle through the mountians in unpredictable winds to make the narrow spit of land that constitutes the airport. Applause broke out when we finally landed. Found a little Mom ‘n’ Pop resturante and had fantastic pink trout in capers & butter, and King Crab and apple salad. We are close enough to the South pole to have 20 hours of daylight, the sun goes down about 12:00 am and comes up again at 4:00 am”

Ushuaia, Patagonia – Argentina

Dec ’08


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