Here I come! Buenos Aires!

Here I come! Buenos Aires!

Journal entry 23 Dec:

“Walked all over downtown Buenos Aires. Visited the famous (or infamous) Plaza 25 del Mayo, site of many a revolt, revolution, and general public unrest, which continues to this very day in the form of graffitti, a heavy police presence and the governors palace behind barricades. The news of the shoe thrown at George W. was already here, we saw graffitti in the plaza “Zapata el Bush!” (Shoe Bush!). I will also mention here that Argentina’s current president is a woman. There was a photo exhibt showing some of the tumultuous times weathered in this very plaza, as well as a long line of visiting dignitaries including 5 US presidents. We stood in the very plaza where a countless multitude had once stood to hear the last brave patriotic words of a dying Eva Peron.”

By the way, “Evita” (adding the diminutive ‘ita’ to ‘Eva’ shows affection) is still a force in Argentine politics today. There is a political grouping or leaning that is refered to as the “Peronists”. You can see the balcony she gave speeches from in this photo of the governors palace.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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