Bem vindo o Sítio Paraná!

Lua crosses the bridge over the river (Kwai)

So construção has officially begun, and I really want to document this messy adventure, but damn have we been busy and here it is nearly 3 weeks in and I haven’t had time to post or think or hardly even remember to take fotos.

Marley sitting where the house will also sit.

We are terrible at remembering to take ‘before’ pics, so this is the closest, but this is already after 30 some coqueiros have been cut down and the ground leveled a bit.

Now it already looks like this…

And this is the result of 3 weeks back breaking labor, digging holes for 42 supports (a number which also happens to be the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, yay!), building wood molds, bending iron, shoveling sand, gravel, hauling bags of cement, mixing cement, and then moving the mixed cement into the molds.

Pretty much all by hand.

An ‘ole fashioned dig out, and smart diggers stay in the shade.

Although we just bought a reboque (trailer) which helps a lot to move material across the bridge, the delivery trucks are generally too heavy and so they dump the gravel or whatever on the other side and before the guys would have to move it by carrinho do mão (wheelbarrow) over the bridge which takes time and lots of energy .

Hurray for car and reboque!

But Rene is so experienced, and the crew is hard working awesomeness, so we find ourselves so much progressed already, that we can barely keep up with ordering the material, and planning it all out. Gary just spent a very busy morning plotting every plug, switch, drain, esgoto, H2O pipe and more on the drawings so we can make sure when the cement for the floor is poured this sábado, we keep all the ports open! One does not want to cement closed the hole for the toilet, for example!

The crew: Rene, Denilson, Claudio, Gary

And by the way, I work also.

Shit. Wrong foto! Let’s try again, I work also…

Notice the dog is STILL not working.

I will elaborate another post. Too tired to think about it now. Boa noite, here is a peaceful pic of our river for sonhos boas!



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