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The whole time we were in Chile, I wanted to see a llama, and we finally got the chance at the organic vinyards of Emiliana. The llamas are ocasionally let loose among the grapes to do their ‘fertilizer’ thing. Also at Emiliana, we purchased a bottle of wine made from ‘biodynamically’ grown grapes. I had never even heard of such a thing before but according to the bottle, “Biodynamic agriculture considers the farm to be a living organism.” Basically they use all organic and natural methods, add special rocks and minerals to the soil, as well as considering the phases of the moon, and motions of the stars for the appropriate time to do everything from cutting back the vines to harvesting. We saw a chart used to dictate when and how anything having to do with the vines was to be performed, it was crazy complex. So maybe they’re all wacko at this vineyard, but the wine was great, and anyone who has llamas can’t be all that bad!

Psychotic episode inducing song about Llamas…


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