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Churrascaria! Brasilian style BBQ resturaunt.

Churrascaria! Brasilian style BBQ resturaunt.

You have to be ready to eat. Eat a lot. The guys just keep bringing skewers and skewers of freshly grilled meat until you change the sign on your table from green “Go” to red “Stop for crying out loud, I can’t possibly eat any more”. And that’s only after you’ve been to the “Salad” bar, which includes sushi, cold cuts, cheeses, pastas, vegetables, breads, pastries, marinated everything, and, of course, 20 kinds of salad. The amount of food is incredible. Here Andrea demonstrates how to use your tongs to secure the beef as the server takes a cut from the skewer.

Itaim Bibi, SP, Brasil 2008


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