Dia de fechar laje. Day of closing the floor.

4:00 am: alarm goes off and immediately had to deal with a barata in the bathroom. Killed it with my havaiana, of course.

I’m going to try and do that thing where you take a pic every hour to show how your day is going. Today is a big day as we have seven extra guys coming to transport material across the bridge, throw it into the biteneiro, mix it and then transport the resultant cementy slop to pour the piso (floor). If all goes well! Hope the power doesn’t go out or we run out of materials, or have an equipment failure.

5:00 am: 4 liters of hot sweet coffee, check!

So part of the deal is we provide some snacks for the guys, plenty of water throughput the day, and of course café com açúcar to get started. I also got some orange cake at the bakery, it’s buttery dense yummyness.

Heading over to the work site, looks like it’s going to be a good day!

6:00 am: wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow the floor gets filled in.

The guys already have gotten into a rhythm.

So Rene, Denilson and one other guy smooth out the cement, and rearrange the planks of wood for the wheelbarrows to pass over, and there are 4 guys pushing them around. The cement mixer is run by Claudio and Edinaldo and two more guys that measure up the sand and gravel to go in.

Recipe for floor cement:

1 bag of cimento (50kg)

2 latão (big paint can) sand

3 latão brita (gravel)

Add just enough water to get the right consistency, it will depend on how dry the sand is. Claudio does the water because he has the experience to get it just right.

7:00 am: the biteneiro is running full tilt.

8:00 am: time for a snack! Fresh pão francês, cheese, turkey and mortadella.

9:00 am: progress!

No pic at 10:00, Gary and I were over the river shoveling gravel into the reboque to transport over the bridge.

11:00 am: getting close!

Meia dia: done! All that’s left to do is sprinkle water on top to help the cement cure properly. That and get a cold cerveja!

13:00: whew! Cachaça anyone?


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